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Enjoy friendly, relaxed networking at our various events from members meetings, business breakfasts and social events


Gain valuable business insights, with learning and knowledge exchange from fellow businesses

Be heard

Chichester Chamber provides a voice for members and our local community


Showcasing the success and achievements of local business and enterprise

Why join?

Chichester Chamber exists to support local businesses of all sizes. By joining, you'll tap into unparalleled networking opportunities and connect with peers and influential local business leaders.

Our vibrant calendar of both business and social events ensures you're always engaged and informed. Members also gain access to exclusive offers from fellow businesses, enriching local collaboration. Additionally, our member-run training events keep you updated with contemporary market demands.

With the Chichester Chamber, you're not just joining an organisation; you're becoming part of a community dedicated to the collective growth and success of the local business landscape. Join us today, and shape your business future.
“It is always great to catch up with everyone to know what all members are doing and see if there are any referral opportunities.”
Chris Pink
Pinksauce Leasing
“For a smaller business like mine I find networking to be highly effective, and the Chichester Chamber of Commerce has been a big part of this”
Phil Saltern
Chichester Recruitment
Freedom Works
Metro House
PO19 1BE
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